Seasons of Change

Even though summer weather has been lingering outside, it is officially the first week of fall. School is back in session, stores are filled with autumn-themed décor, and football season has begun. The shift from one season to another is clearly defined in our annual calendars, but the seasons of our personal lives are much more ambiguous and unpredictable. While we may recognize a general pattern of life development, we each have a unique experience that doesn’t fit neatly into a timeline.

Some seasons of life are characterized by joy and possibility, while others are branded by pain and struggle. Some periods we willingly choose to step into, while others are unexpectedly thrust upon us. Even if a new stage itself is not inherently negative, the process of transitioning from one season to another can be a source of difficulty. Without an intentional effort, we tend to maintain our old patterns even when they are no longer helpful. Maybe a routine or coping mechanism that has always worked before now fails us. Perhaps a relationship that used to be invigorating and intimate now feels draining and distant. If we fail to accept and adjust to our new season, we will continually find ourselves frustrated and dissatisfied both personally and relationally, often without even knowing why.

So what do you do when you are stuck in a difficult season or struggling to transition? Remember that seasons are temporary and will steadily flow from one to the next. Whether painful or peaceful, every season helps us grow.Give yourself permission to be where you are. Make time to slow down and assess. As you identify past, present, or upcoming changes in your life, you will better understand yourself, including your needs and how they can best be met.

Maybe you’re in a sweet and exciting season, and you need to make time to savor it more intentionally. Maybe you’re in a season of exhaustion, and you need to find new ways to rest and recharge. Or maybe you just feel lost, and don’t know what you need or where to find it. Whatever season you’re in, here at Mansio we would love to join you right where you are. Learn more about our professional counseling and soul care services here!

-by Kelsey Abiera