What is Spiritual Direction

“So…what is spiritual direction?” is a question I am often asked. The words seem to escape from the questioner with a tinge of embarrassment for not knowing yet backed by a heft of genuine curiosity. I can appreciate this sentiment, as Spiritual Direction is something that is both defined by words, but also experienced, and one understands it more clearly as it is experienced. 
While it may seem amorphous to define something according to one’s own experience, think of it as defining a person. Yes, they’ve got structure to their physicality that all others would similarly define, but each friend’s experience of them will be slightly different. It could sound like “she’s so kind-hearted”, “she keeps me laughing all day long”, “I wouldn’t have made it through that time without her”, “she’s so helpful”.  All of these describe the same person, but each person has his or her own experience of her, and thus describe her differently.
At Mansio, Spiritual Direction isn’t an afterthought to our services.  Spiritual direction is the essential space to care for your soul and to search those deeper interior questions with a spiritual companion.  You cannot fully transform your life without engaging your soul on the journey. Whatever your background spiritually or religiously, whatever your questions and doubts, you will feel welcomed.
Here are some thoughts from others who have journeyed with a spiritual director:
A place where I feel safe to explore my misunderstandings about God. 
Where I truly understood myself as loved by God for the first time. 
A place where I can just be. 
I have seen myself more clearly, and now I see God more clearly as well. 
I’ve gained so much peace about my life and who I am.
I feel like I understand how to really hear God’s voice because of Spiritual Direction.
It’s the deep wisdom I am really longing for. 
I wonder, how would you define Spiritual Direction if you experienced it? I wonder what do you need from spiritual direction that you don’t yet even know? We would love you to find out. As we launch Mansio Soul Care we are offering $35 OFF your first Spiritual Direction session when you book for September (regularly $75/session). While all the kids are journeying back into their education, maybe it’s time to for you to take a journey into your soul. Your life could be completely different by the time school is out next year.

-by Kimberly Pelletier, Director of Soul Care