David Arute, MA, LCPC

David is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Co-President of the Mansio Center. He received his MA in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College. His clinical experience covers a range of venues: school settings, behavioral health hospitals, in-home therapy, county crisis counseling, and outpatient settings. 

David specializes in working with relationship and parenting issues, mood disorders, anxiety, sexual trauma, PTSD, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, identity/self-esteem struggles, autism, grief, spirituality, anger issues, addictions… basically any human struggle which causes one to suffer, to feel shame and leaves one feeling isolated.

In his work with clients, David is committed to finding an approach that best fits the temperament and desire of each individual.  His personal passions are relational psychodynamic, narrative, EMDR, and existential frameworks. However, he is no stranger to solution-focused therapy when at times clients need help with practical issues in their lives.

Lastly,  when David is not wearing his therapy hat, you will find him living his passions.  First, loving his wife and kids, and after that, exercising, reading, roasting and drinking coffee, and spending time with friends. 

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