Donna Scott, LCSW


Are you a woman who longs to feel like you are enough, and that your life has value?  Do you constantly hear messages that challenge your own sense of worth and purpose? Many women struggle with a depressed mood and anxiety, trying to meet the demands and expectations of others, struggling to be comfortable in their own skin. Past trauma, changing roles, lack of purpose, and feelings of inadequacy can keep us from feeling fully alive. 

In my own personal work and journeying with women over the years I recognize the power of cultural and family messages that can lead to feelings of guilt and shame, of feeling either too much, or not enough. As a licensed clinical social worker, I am passionate about helping women find their value, explore and validate their own experiences, and to discover their strengths and desires. Integrating mind, body, and spirit in my work, I walk along-side women in a nurturing and safe environment to help them give voice to their story and to move toward greater wholeness. 

There is support and guidance to help you move in the direction that you desire. Together we can address the issues that are blocking you from experiencing a more fulfilling life and create a plan to help you meet your desires and goals.

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Academic background

M.S.W., University of Tennessee, Knoxville (1985)


Women’s issues, trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, and self-esteem/identity issues. 


Articles by Donna Scott

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