Iryna Arute, PsyD, LCP

Iryna Arute, PsyD, LCP

Dr. Iryna Arute, Psy.D., LCP

Dr. Iryna Arute is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Co-President of the Mansio Center. She received her MA in Counseling from Columbia International University (2008) and doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College (2014). She did her clinical training at Judson University Counseling Center, Meier Clinics, Wheaton College Counseling Center and completed her pre-doctoral internship at the Counseling and Psychological Services of Penn State University.

At the Mansio Center, Dr. Arute specializes in mood disorders, anxiety, eating disorders, prenatal and postpartum issues, identity/self-esteem issues and couples therapy. She is particularly passionate about working with college/graduate students, women and leaders. In her free time, Iryna enjoys cooking, making weird things like kombucha and kefir, chasing after her children and an occasional good movie. 


In her work with clients, Dr. Arute uses primarily relational psychodynamic approach and relies on the IFS (Internal Family Systems) paradigm to guide therapeutic change. 

I see therapy as a unique and set apart space where I get to join with clients, helping them move towards health, healing and growth. There are several important values that I hold dear as a therapist:

Relational focus. I believe that most emotional wounds take place in the context of a relationship. Therefore, healing must also take place in the context of a relationship. Many people feel disconnected from their own emotions, dreams and desires as well as from other people and even God. In the context of a therapeutic relationship, clients can grow in awareness and move towards deep and intentional connection in all of those realms.

Transformation. I believe that my role as a therapist is not only to help ease distress (although that is certainly an important aspect of my work), but to help clients make meaning of their pain and be transformed by it.

Holistic approach. We are complex human beings with physical, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual aspects of our personhood that are oftentimes inseparable. It is not uncommon, however, for some of these aspects to go underemphasized in therapy. Consistent with the Mansio vision, I strive to be intentional about addressing all of our domains of functioning in therapy.

Cultural sensitivity. As someone whose identity has emerged from two strikingly different cultures (Ukrainian culture and American culture), I have a special appreciation for the multicultural forces that effect our thinking, emotions, and behavior. Therapeutically, I assume a humble posture before the diversity of human experiences. I strive to create a space where everyone’s uniqueness can be acknowledged and treated with deep respect.


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