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Kimberly Pelletier

Kimberly is a trained spiritual director through Christos Center for Spiritual Formation. She has been facilitating group and individual spiritual direction for 6 years and is the Director of Soul Care at the Mansio Center. Kimberly is currently accepting new directees.

In a time of deep healing 12 years ago, Kimberly began going away on solitude retreats and has done so annually ever since. She now crafts individual solitude retreats for those seeking to get away alone with guided support. She loves helping others gain confidence (even when scared) to enter the silence and listen to their own souls and for the movement of God. She also speaks at retreats, workshops, and other events.

Through her own story of loss, betrayal, and abuse Kimberly has met God in loving and transformational ways. She is passionate about staying with those in places of transition, grief, a feeling of being stuck, and during times of growth as they search for God’s presence in their life.

Kimberly is also a writer and has been featured at The Mudroom,, and The Redbud Post. When she is not writing or serving the Mansio center Kimberly can be found reading a good book, fermenting foods, or traipsing around the woods with her husband and three kids.

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