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Are you longing to simply feel normal again? Are you on prescription drugs and wondering if they are helping or hurting your healing process? At the Mansio Center we embrace an integrative approach to health, providing on-site and off-site referrals to demystify your path to holistic physical wellness.

If you are ready to heal your body from the inside out rather than simply medicate the symptoms, we have reliable practitioners to guide your way.  

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Helpful information is better when shared. We will connect you with the best available resources on holistic health. This will include books, websites, practitioners, supplements, local foods and more. To stay connected, sign up for our MansioNews email.

You focus on healing, we will provide you with the tools to do so!

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Unwanted symptoms of the body are simply guides to something deeper that needs attention. Rather than silencing what your body is offering as guidance, we listen to the symptoms and seek to heal the root of the problem so the symptoms go away naturally. There is a place for mainstream medicine, however we believe a holistic approach to the body’s wellness should be our first defense. We provide education on the role your body plays in your healing process through periodic hands-on workshops to integrate your healing into your everyday life.  Workshops include topics such as meditation, whole food preparation, and yoga. Sign up to receive our MansioNews email and be the first to get notifications of new workshops! 


holistic doctor referrals

We are currently in search of a doctor who shares our vision so we can offer you everything you need for healing under the Mansio roof. Until then, we are connected with several well-trained local, holistic practitioners who share a similar vision of health. We will connect you with them as needed on your healing journey.