what is a personal retreat?

A personal retreat is simply time set aside to be with God. The specifics of each individual retreat are different, but generally you protect your space by being alone and protect your attention by setting aside distractions. People spend their time on retreats doing anything from napping, painting, getting a massage, running, praying, spiritual direction, reading, feasting, fasting, etc. in order to slow down and open their hearts to God afresh.

Why would I go on a personal retreat?

  • You have something inside your soul to which you feel you need to give extended attention (examples: grieving a loss, healing a deep hurt, accepting a new limitation, etc.)

  • There is a big decision ahead and you need time to be alone for discernment

  • You desire a stronger sense of connection with God

  • You are in a transition in life and you need time to “catch up” internally to it

  • You simply feel compelled to go on one and want to find out why

  • Any reason is a good reason to go on retreat

What do I get if I plan a personal retreat?

- Two 50-minute spiritual direction sessions, one session prior to the retreat and one session afterwards. If you are already using our spiritual direction services, you can talk with your spiritual director about this. 

- A format specifically created for your retreat time. This document includes how to prep for your retreat, including matters like supplies, relationships, and mindset. It lays out your time in a rhythmic manner so you have an opening time, a middle time, and an ending time. It also contains specifics on re-entry. Re-entry is simply going back to your daily life after being on retreat. Since going away changes you, it is essential to exercise intentionality as you return into daily life, entering back into daily life with grace is essential to honoring the soul work you did on your retreat.

How much does this cost? 

Please contact us to discuss the type of retreat you might be interested in and the package that will best suit your needs.