Mansio [MAHN-sio] is a Latin word that dates back to Ancient Rome. It originally referred to shelters along travel roads that provided rest and healing for weary travelers. In the same spirit, the Mansio Center exists as a place for rest and refreshment as you travel life’s road. At Mansio, we attend to your mind, soul, and body by empowering you to heal and thrive through our integrated services. 

We offer counseling, soul care, and physical wellness services. As human beings, we are not a sum of individual parts that work independently from each other, but rather whole people with aspects of ourselves that greatly impact each other. For example, chemical imbalances can affect your cognitive capacity, old trauma can impact your relationships, and certain foods can even inhibit your emotional stability. At the Mansio Center, we believe your care on the path to whole-self healing should be just as integrated as you are. Our uniqueness is in offering that under one roof.

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