Raven Fisher, MA, LPC, NCC

Raven  is a Harvard and Wheaton College graduate. Raven is not only a gifted therapist but has a unique ability to engage with people in different languages and cultures. Besides offering therapy in English, she is also able to connect with clients and their families in Spanish, Assamese, Hatian-Creole  and Hindi. Raven has previously worked in a rehabilitative home for sex trafficked girls in India as well as with clients in a local community counseling center. 

In her work with clients, Raven specializes in anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences, self-esteem/identity issues, life transitions, and women’s issues. She provides a safe space for individuals to develop personal insight and awareness into the unique parts that make up their entire being. She is passionate about traveling with clients on their personal life path and empowering people to flourish.

Raven prefers to approach psychotherapy by blending psychodynamic and existential theoretical orientations with some acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Each orientation emphasizes a different time era – past, future, and present – all of which are necessary in the psychotherapeutic process to promote holistic mental health.

When she steps away from the office, Raven enjoys practicing various languages through song, starting a new crafting project, and baking and sharing delicious treats with friends and family.

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