Welcome to the Mansio Center.

We are glad you're here. Taking a step toward healing is difficult. Each of us at Mansio has walked our own path of transformation and we are here to help you walk yours.

Our vision is to empower you toward healing that transforms you mind, heart, body, and soul. We do that through mental health services and soul care with a unique focus on natural body wellness. We offer the following services: individual and couples therapy, spiritual direction, individual retreat planning, group classes, natural health education and resources, and referrals to holistic practitioners.

Our office is located in downtown Glen Ellyn, IL. While practitioners have varied backgrounds and expertise, we share the same holistic vision of healing. You can read more about each person on our team here.

Regardless of where life has taken you thus far, Mansio is here to give you everything you need as your journey forward.  Our office environment is free from judgment, stigmas, and shame. Here at Mansio we will welcome, encourage, and challenge you toward your new future. Hope starts here.

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